Our story


CROSS Zlín is established

In Zlín, the city of the former Baťa empire, a new company CROSS Zlín is conceived in a garage. The key founders are Tomáš Juřík and Petr Vitovský, who breathe life into the first traffic signal controller. The company has a long and thorny road of 25 years ahead of it to become a world leader in transportation technologies

New era of development starts

Lukáš Duffek joins the company as the new Director of Development and becomes the key person in terms of the company's further growth in the direction of the integration platform and smart cities. Not long thereafter, another important person joins, developer Marek Beneš, who participates in defining the vision.

Invipo is established

Lukáš and Marek become the authors of the initial Invipo integration platform, which serves to meet the internal needs of monitoring more than several hundred systems that the company operates around the world. Thus the principles and foundation of a new product are created, becoming the software brain for smart cities of the future.

Incinity s.r.o. is established

An entirely new company, Incinity s.r.o. is established to focus solely on developing Invipo. The objective is to build solid know-how and a professional team, which will form the basis for the development of innovative software. At the time of its inception, the company has only a few employees but it continues to grow.

Intertraffic Innovation Awards 2016

Invipo wins the prestigious Intertraffic Innovation Award 2016; the very first time that it is awarded for software. Invipo wins not only in its category but also becomes the overall winner and the company focuses itself on the global market.

Invipo manages a city with a population of over 3 million people.

In Turkey, it is completing the historically largest ITS project in the region - Smart City Izmir. Invipo becomes the only software platform that monitors and manages the entire city. It is connected to over 12,000 end devices, 21 types of technologies and operators have more than 18 various modules at their disposal.

Invipo as leader in integration platforms

Invipo runs in more than 15 cities in the Czech Republic and abroad. It manages cities such as: Izmir, Turkey; Legnica, Poland; Olomouc, Czech Republic. The manner in which Invipo conceptualises data integration, interoperability in cities and the presentation of information is becoming synonymous with the entire segment.