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We are software house and our core business is development, delivery and support our integration platform for smart cities which is called Invipo.

We were founded by joint-stock company CROSS Zlín, a technology company offering wide range of products, components and turn-key solutions for road traffic since 1994.

Our mission and vision is to use 20 years of know-how we have in traffic technology and transform it into a new purely software products that will help our customers building smart cities and ITS projects.

We create high-quality, reliable, adaptable and user-friendly system with using the latest technologies.


Invipo is flexible and open platform for integration of technologies, systems and services in the cities and on the roads.

It does not matter how big the project is.
Invipo connects data from different technologies and systems into one unit
and offers well-arranged tracking of outputs and their effective supervision.

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Intertraffic Award 2016

Invipo won prestige Innovation Technology Award in Intertraffic exhibition in Amsterdam. In open competition, Invipo was declared as an overal winner in Smart Mobility Category in competition with other 90 attendants and won also Smart Mobility Category. We gained this appreciation as a first company from all countries from Middle East Europe in the history of this fair.



Incinity s.r.o.
Sedmdesátá 7055 (64. budova Svit),
760 01 Zlín, Česká republika

+420 720 045 785

IČO: 04613376
DIČ: CZ 04613376
Company is registered VAT payer.
File no. C 90941, registered at court of Justice in Brno

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